For about 3 years I’ve been collecting stuff about Eurovision Song Contest, collecting for my own use and my own view… but after sharing what did I have I saw that some people wanted to see my archive and enjoy it.

What I Do

So, after some conversations with my friend I decided to do an open archive in YouTube, what I could put in here I will put and share to the max people available.

My objective is to unblock the world of Eurovision to everyone. I know that some contents are geographic blocked, and I can't change that, like the Festival di Sanremo on Italy and I recorded and some Melodifestivalen on Sweden. But that is life and it happens...

Forever I will be doing that for free, I will put some interesting content on YouTube and never sell it for anyone, like some sites been doing for year, even selling YouTube rips as their own content. That is just wrong!


How can you help me

For now, it is all fine, but this page is if you can help me in any way you can. Not only money, but if you have some interesting content to be shared, I will appreciate as well and share if you authorize. Bellow there some way to help me:

To donate via PayPal, click bellow:

To sent me content, please mail me at archive@lucaslab.me

You could follow me on twitter and subscribe to my channel, if you still aren’t subscribed.